BCC 7/20 – Iris Scheibl

My name is Iris Scheibl and I live in Palm Beach Gardens.

I am a member of South Florida 912, South Florida Tea Party, other civic organizations and I’m now a member of the TAB coalition.

Several of our TAB members have mentioned focus areas where spending can be cut dramatically. It is our hope that the County and Constitutional Officers are open and transparent with requests for information and make a concrete effort to further reduce the size of our County government.

Upon reviewing the presentations by Administrator Weisman and Property Appraiser Nikolits last week, it was clear that the rate of growth in spending on Public Safety (the Sheriff and Fire/Rescue) far exceeds that of the County or of the other Constitutional Offices. While some of that can probably be accounted for by increase in scope, there must be ways to streamline operations that haven’t been explored. We would expect that as stewards of the citizens’ tax dollar the various Constitutional Officers would work with the County to eliminate duplication of services – but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

It is also clear that the Constitutional Officers are not voluntarily coming under the jurisdiction of the Office of Inspector General – whose mission is to root out waste, fraud and abuse.

At last week’s Budget Workshop, Commissioner Taylor asked about the County government organization. Palm Beach County, as a charter government since 1984 – has a structure that can be modified. The County can initiate a re-organization, but citizens can also initiate such a change using petitions and gaining the support of at least 7 percent of voters qualified to vote in the last general election.

We, as TAB, intend to explore which structures have worked and which haven’t in other counties across the state. Perhaps the time has come, after 26 years to pursue an Amendment to Palm Beach County’s Charter to bring some or all of the Constitutional Offices under the County.

Over the summer PBC Taxpayer Action Board will work to come back with specifics on these and other recommendations in time for the September Public Hearings.

We’re paying the TAB and we’re keeping TABs on YOU.

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