BCC 7/20 – Michele Kirk

I would like to speak to you for a moment today about our organization’s role in the Taxpayer Action Board, or TAB Coalition.

One thing that I know about the people, professionals, and business owners of this County is that they are all about SOLUTIONS! Along with workshops, newsletters, and budget study groups, we are committed to sharing our resources and research with one another to help bring about those solutions.

One of the most valuable resources we have found has been the book , “Building A Better Local Government, How To Lower Taxes and Improve services At The Same Time” by Matthew Falconer

I would like to read a brief excerpt from this book and encourage the taxpayers to visit pbctab.org to find out how they can be part of the solution. I especially would like to implore the Commissioners to look at the proven case studies in this book and start exploring steps toward improving the efficiency of this local government body. We will continue to remind taxpayers that we are the one’s picking up the TAB.

Mr. Falconer writes, “Our current local government model is not sustainable. The level of government spending is forcing small businesses to fail at a rapid rate, causing higher unemployment and an increased need for social services. Only through transformative change can we return to economic prosperity. We have a long way to go from the way our government is run to a better government. But the ways and means are there. It is up to you, the taxpayer to demand change. After concluding my study , I came to truly believe that we can reduce the cost of government by 20 % and get 20 % better government services, if we can enact the right reforms.”

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