BCC 7/20 – Sherry Lee

My name is Sherry Lee. I am a homeowner, a small business owner, member of Lower Taxes now and the TAB Coalition, and I am a concerned citizen.

Taxpayers have been sending a clear message to government at every level. We want lower taxes. Somehow PBC has not gotten this message. The spending cuts currently being discussed are minuscule. The county budget became wildly over-inflated during the housing boom and the BCC is trying to maintain it at the expense of struggling homeowners, businesses and the overall economy. Foreclosures and unemployment will continue to ravage our community unless and until we make deeper cuts.

First, we need a sunset review ordinance. The process would routinely and automatically review previously approved programs and projects to see what can be reduced or eliminated.

Next, we need engineering staff to give a detailed list of the capital projects budget and priority rank all previously authorized projects that are not under contract, including anything newly approved for 2011. Some projects should be reduced or eliminated.

The Taxpayer Action Board will work closely with staff and commissioners over the next several weeks to implement these changes.

We pay the TAB and we are keeping TABS on you.

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