What is your view of the county budget? Do you think taxes are too high? Are there programs that you think have outlived their usefulness? Tell us here with a comment, or email us at: info@pbctab.org


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  1. andre fladell says:

    excellent presentation,the civility and focus was superb , your cause was enhanced by staying on point and avoiding personal attacks i share your general position as it relates to taxes it has been a fight i have been engaged in since the commissions of weaver foster medlin and culpepper before evatt and watt andwilken keep up the smart approach the prince

  2. Ronald Frano says:

    Do a desk audit of every government job to determine if the employee actually puts in an 8 hour day for productive work. If not, eliminate the job. Do a similar audit on each agency. I guarantee there are people being paid large salaries and spending their days trolling the net for non work related matters. This should be done on each level of gov’t

  3. doreenspot says:

    Be sure to post the firefighters contract that you had last night. There’s something you said that jarred me. Something about firefighters who take on part time jobs get sone kind of credit. I want to understand that better. I need to know if there is some incentive for them to take on part time employment that would directly affect their pensions and or retirement package. Sounded unbelievable but when no one is watching, anything can happen. Please get it posted asap.

    By the way, great information last night.

  4. kshelley says:

    Why are they increasing our taxes when the county is losing population and school enrollment is flat?
    Is it so current homeowners can cover the tax shortfall of all the foreclosures?

    Two recent articles…
    Palm beach count population declines:

    Palm Beach county school enrollment is up slightly by 0.8%:

  5. Charles Gates says:

    “Everywhere, cash-strapped councils and legislatures in the second year of post-crisis America are
    struggling to bring outlays in line with a shrunken and stagnant revenue base after decades of
    metastasizing growth in public-sector labor costs. And they are being forced to take a hard look at their
    salary and pension obligations to police and firefighters — obligations that are both prime drivers of
    structural deficits and as close a thing as their is in local governance to a sacred cow.”
    This short quote is from a National Review article “Cops, and Robbers” by Daniel Foster, August 30, 2010.

    Thanks for your excellent presentations. You have my support.

  6. andre fladell says:

    again your presentation was on point unfortunately it falls on deaf ears ,i listened to drug farm requests i heard multiple people state how many crimes they had committed .one listed twenty one , what do you think the cost was of the twenty trials and the police work and the detention of these individuals what was the damage done to the many victims, both emotionally and financially ,not one expressed regret to who they harmed ,not one parent who was there said they had failed as a parent and accepted responcibility, but they clearly wanted more of our families money to pay for their lack of parenting. i would pay the victims for help before the felons i support the county commioners on most issues but agree with you that the spending in this county for nonessentials is unacceptable ,the government needs to take their hands out o,f our pockets against our will. i lobbied against this tax increase as i did last year . i lost , we lost ,and private sector working families lost the prince

  7. Tommy Polaski says:

    After reading in today’s paper about this group watching the government spending, I was happy to learn there is somebody out there with some political clout to hopefully have their ears listening to us. Owning a home in Florida for several years, I will not have my property value reduced this year and will pay a lot more in property taxes again this year. Government doesn’t get it, when the economy was on it’s fast train several years ago, government couldn’t wait to spend all the money and start special projects. Now we the taxpayers must pay for their unselfish spending. And the special tax groups such as Children Service Council, Health Care District aren’t any better. Why did the Health Care District buy a building to “move” into but has not moved into it yet or started remodeling yet? So it will sit there another year empty. Or why did they tell us that they didn’t increase the taxes for pay raises, but gave themselves this month a “bonus check” worth hundreds of thousands taxpayer dollars. Or Children Service Council couldn’t wait to build their own building and have plenty of empty space.
    The time has cme for us the tax payers to stand behind groups like this and make the government work again for us, not us working for them.

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