TAB Proposal Summary – A Work in Progress

TAB is working towards a proposal for specific cuts to the 2011 budget as well as broader measures in future years. The county Property Appraiser is projecting a further decline in property values of 6% or so next year and a somewhat smaller decline after that. We are also being artificially propped up by large amounts of federal stimulus (ARRA) spending, which will end shortly. The time has come to reverse all the years of double digit spending increases and better match the size of local government to the needs and resources of the community.

This page is a current look at the specific cuts we propose – both from the “green” and “blue” pages prepared by staff, and from ideas picked up as we make the rounds of the county and constitutional offices.

This page is a work in progress and will be updated regularly until we have a proposal package following the 9/2 public meeting.

Blue/Green Cuts

Note see the post “An Analysis of the County Budget Proposal – Part 1” for details on the Green/Blue pages.

Rollback tax revenue $612,486,522
Green cuts ($22,531,056)
Blue-1 (TAB version) ($7,996,340)
Blue-2 (TAB version) ($22,579,819)
Sheriff’s Challenge ($3,000,000)
Resulting Revenue $556,379,307
Equivalent Millage 4.381

Other Ideas

  • Resist restoring Drug Farm, Eagle Academy, Park Police w/o equal PBSO cut
  • Move water and SWA collections to Tax Collector ($?)
  • Adopt Clerk suggestions for HR:
    • Implement county-wide paperless payroll ($200K)
    • Eliminate comp time for exempt staff ($600K)
    • Eliminate Golden Palm awards ($177K)
    • Eliminate or reduce Tuition Reimbursement ($350K)
    • Eliminate incentive leave awards ($50K)
    • Eliminate 4 day work week for exempt staff
  • Eliminate car allowance for BCC staff ($250K/year)
  • Stop PBSO take-home cruisers for out-of-county residence
  • Adopt zero-based budgeting process
  • Fire/Rescue choice – forgo 2011 raise or take furlough or staff reduction
  • Separate Fire and EMS / take bids to outsource
  • Eliminate COPS program in gated communities or where need is unjustified

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this page incorrectly attributed some cost saving ideas to the Clerk’s office. This has been corrected, and TAB regrets any misunderstanding.

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