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  1. Petra E. Colannino says:

    If anyone is thinking of discontinuing any part or parts of Victim Services, I pray that you will never have a family member who needs those services. Think about it, who would YOU turn to for help if your wife and child are murdered after shopping at an upscale mall? Who would you turn to for help if you are sitting in a Dunkin Donuts one evening and someone comes in and shoots your spouse? What would you do if a family member of friend rapes your 7 year old child? Would you know what to do, who to turn to, where to go, how to proceed? Would you know how to get help if your home is destroyed in a hurricane when insurance companies and first responders have more important things to take care of? You would in Palm Beach County. And those examples only skim the surface. The advocates of Palm Beach County Victim Services are hard working, loyal, caring people who spend long hours, above and beyond the typical 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, and have continued to do so without raises in many years. Anyone who supports reducing or eliminating these services, are obviously uninformed and/or misinformed and needs to do their homework.

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