The TAB Proposal

The first milestone on the TAB agenda was passed on September 2, 2010 with the first public meeting. A package containing the presentations from that meeting, along with supporting material and an executive summary is being delivered to the County Commissioners and Adminstrator on 9/8.

If you would like a copy of that packages, you may print and bind the following files:

NOTE: Budget Director Joe Doucette pointed out an error in my calculation of the millage resulting from the TAB recommended blue page cuts of $30.6M. Please CLICK HERE for the details.

Cover Sheet
Contact Sheet
Executive Summary
Meeting Synopsis
An Analysis of the County Budget Proposal
What Do We Know about PBSO
What Do We Know about Fire/Rescue
Proposal for Identifying and Prioritizing Core Services provided by Palm Beach County
Where Does the $56M Budget Increase Go?
Printable Presentation Charts

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