New County Commission for 2011

The people have spoken. On November 2, 2010, the three County Commission seats that were disputed (Steven Abrams in District 4 was uncontested) were decided for the incumbents in districts 6 and 7 by large margins, and the open seat (vacated by Jeff Koons earlier in the year) went to Democrat Paulette Burdick over Republican Sherry Lee, 58% to 42%.

The incumbent’s positions on the budget are known. Jess Santamaria voted against the current budget and has been open to at least small cuts. Priscilla Taylor, although opposed to layoffs of county employees, is open to discussion on the budget, has called for more transparency from PBSO, and has asked for a charter review to discuss the structure of county government.

Paulette Burdick, in the later part of the campaign has said encouraging things about controlling county spending and has also called for more disclosure of the PBSO budget detail. TAB hopes to begin a dialog with Ms. Burdick on budget issues in the near future.

Below is the election results for County Commission as reported by the Supervisor of Elections:

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