Palm Beach Post Takes on Fire / Rescue Pay

Fire / Rescue compensation is an issue we have been following for quite a while. A year before TAB was formed, several of us were involved in the campaign against the special sales tax to fund Fire / Rescue, and excessive compensation was a key argument against giving them their own revenue source outside of BCC control. Earlier this year, we conducted a salary survey of county employees (See How Much is Enough?) and were quite amazed to see the real data – that Fire / Rescue far exceeds the county staff and even PBSO in pay and benefits.

Jennifer Sorentrue and Adam Playford take on this issue in the Palm Beach Post this week, with their own look at the county compensation data. See More than half of county’s fire-rescue employees earn more than $90,000

TAB is quoted in the article, which mentions that the county contract with the IAFF expires this year and is currently being negotiated. Join us as we attend the next meeting on July 19 as the union responds to the county’s proposal for a 22% cut in starting salary. See Next Fire/Rescue Contract Negotiation Scheduled


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  1. Yeah Right says:

    Interesting Video To Watch …… It’s only 10 minutes long, and as you’re watching it, remember that Palm Beach County Florida was one of the areas hit with the Anthrax attacks post 9/11. We live in a world now, where Firefighters and Paramedics do a lot more than sit around a fire house playing checkers …… Enjoy ………………


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