2012 Millage set at 4.7815

Click HERE for Channel 20 Video of the meeting.

In a relatively short meeting last night, the County Commission approved a 2012 budget by a 4-3 vote. Setting the county-wide millage at $4.7815 per $1000 valuation, the rate is an increase of 0.66%.

TAB has been working over the last few months to avoid any increase, but this outcome is acceptable, given it is a lot closer to our $4.75 target than the rollback rate proposed in June at $4.922. We would have liked to see more restraint in the Sheriff’s budget (it is actually increasing when pension reform savings are taken into consideration), but four of the seven commissioners were hard over on not cutting his budget at all. The Sheriff did pony up $1M in excess fees that helped them bring the millage down ever so slightly.

This was the closest budget vote in recent years – many thanks to commissioners Abrams, Burdick and Marcus, who kept to their position from the beginning of the process back in March to the final vote not to raise the rate. The others did exhibit some flexibility this year, even Burt Aaronson who has rarely argued for lower tax rates. Commissioner Taylor thought that the result was a compromise that had something for everyone and we would agree.

It can’t be proved whether our efforts in TAB have affected the outcome, but given the starting proposal of 4.922 and the significant progress towards the goal, we would like to think so. Almost all of those who spoke at the meetings in opposition to the tax hike were associated in some way with TAB.

Special thanks to those who spoke at the final meeting: Janet Campbell, Mel Grossman and Laura Henning of PBC Tea Party, Mayor Dan Comerford and Commissioner Chip Block of Jupiter Inlet Colony, Matthew Leger, Dionna Hall and Christina Pearce of RAPB, County Commission candidate Albert Key, State Senate candidate and 912 member Mike Lameyer, South Florida 912 members Dennis Lipp, Victoria Thiel and Nancy Hogan, and Barbara Susco, Mark Dougan, as well as Fred and Iris Scheibl of TAB.

Next year will be particularly challenging for the county budget, with an increase in pension costs expected as well as continued pressure on valuations. Be assured that TAB will continue our watchdog role going forward.


7 Responses to “2012 Millage set at 4.7815”
  1. Robert says:

    You people are nuts thats all I can tell you. Why dont you tell all the facts like how much of an increase is the 0 .66 not much and you know and thats why you did not post it. You site is just like most media outlets and its called spin, tell the truth your following is nothing if you told the truth maybe more people would listen but you dont. Why dont you tell all the viewers how many cities and counties are paying for you to do your work because we all know you are not doing it for free. I bet you have a fat pension from some big corporation..

    • Shannon says:

      Thank you to all who worked so hard on this. Seeing as NONE of us are paid and if anything we have spent a lot of our own money in city parking fees and babysitters and in gas attending the meetings I am proud of those that got involved and I look forward and hope for more community participation in the future. It is so important for the community to get involved and have their voice heard. Agree or disagree that is ok. I appreciate the fact we live in this great country where we can have our voices heard dissenting or agreeing. Special thanks to Fred and Iris,


      A hard working American, Mom and Wife

    • EdFulop says:

      Robert —

      You’d lose that bet, friend. Amazing that you get get all those words out of your mouth DESPITE both of your feet being so firmly jammed up in there! The grass roots is not on any payroll, and we aren’t compensated by anyone for our activities. While groups on the left have made a business out of “rent-a-mobs” and “activists-for-hire”, anyone you will ever speak to that is part of the tea party movement, has a job, or a business, that they run WHILE THEY ARE GETTING INVOLVED IN THEIR STATE, LOCAL, AND NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS. Funny how the left are characterized as patriot-heroes for trying to engage in the same activities that we have been these last 3 years, but when we do it, we’re destroying the country. Try doing a little research on your subject first hand, rather than regurgitating the same tired, overused stereo-types provided for you by Olbermann, Garafalo, and Moore. Silly rabbit . . . . .

  2. Melissa says:

    I have never objected to paying taxes. I object to my money not being spent wisely. We need to advocate for smaller government. When we have a smaller government – and less regulation – the spending will take care of itself. I want to thank Citizens who take the time to focus on the detail, hold those in elected office accountable and educate us and keep us informed. I appreciate you fighting for very PENNY of my money.

  3. Linda says:

    It doesn’t matter where or who you worked for, or what your financial situation is, everyone connected to this has given their percious time and THEIR OWN MONEY to volunteer to help save us all on our taxes. I’m proud and thankful for them especially Iris and Fred.

  4. Dave says:

    Good job to all the volunteers of TAB and the work they have done so far. If not for them who knows where the taxes would be. The light needs to be place on the budget at every level. The next big fight will
    be the fire and rescue contract. Lake Worth just raised the taxes to cover their pension.

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