About TAB

The Palm Beach County Taxpayer Action Board

Palm Beach County, Florida

Welcome to TAB, the PBC Taxpayer Action Board. We are a grassroots coalition of local business organizations, civic groups, and self-appointed “Government Watchdogs”, dedicated to the task of bringing fiscal responsibility to county and municipal governments.

Formed in July, 2010, we have assembled a team of experts to evaluate the county budget, county organization, and working relationships of the staff and Constitutional Officers, with the intention of educating the public at large as to WHERE THEIR MONEY IS BEING SPENT. Through staff requests, interviews with Commissioners and staff, and other means, we intend to influence the budget process and by extension, the millage rate, by bringing to the public the examples of inappropriate spending.

We considered the 2010 proposed millage rate of 4.75 to be much too high for economic conditions as they exist, and brought specific proposals to the Board of County Commissioners to reduce that by at least 10% for the 2011 budget year. In that we were unsuccessful, but for future years we plan to start earlier in the cycle, and have begun a larger-scale community outreach, to educate the public and bring pressure on County Officials to spend wisely.

We’re paying the TAB and we’re keeping TABs on you!