TAB at a Glance



The Palm Beach County Taxpayer Action Board is a coalition of grassroots, business and civic groups, working together with interested citizens willing to provide their expertise in projects of countywide scope. We believe that county spending growth was excessive during the real estate boom and is no longer affordable. We therefore seek a return to spending levels appropriate to economic conditions.


The mission of TAB is to identify areas of county spending that are redundant, unaffordable, or obsolete, educate the public about these areas, and build a consensus for specific changes to current policy.

Short Term Goals

  • Reduce county spending without cuts in essential services

Long Term Goals

  • Significant privatization of county services
  • Compensation parity with the private sector
  • Sustainable public employee pensions
  • Yearly sunset review of all county programs
  • Legislation to increase public oversight of the budget and operation of PBSO.

Targets of Opportunity

We have active projects in the following areas:

  • Core County Mission (“what business are we in?”)
  • Capital Projects / Debt process
  • PBSO
  • Fire/Rescue
  • Government Structure

TAB volunteers have skills in law, accounting, information technology, management, law enforcement, community organization and political campaigning. Our methods involve research in publicly available sources, multi year analysis, discussion with commissioners and staff, and public advocacy by drawing attention to examples of excessive spending in county agencies and offering reasonable alternatives.