Government Structure

PBC Taxpayers expections and requirements

  • How can I tell if my tax dollar is being used effectively?
  • What are the checks and balances between/amongst the County and Constitutional Officers?
  • Am I getting more ‘bang for the buck’ over time (as in the private sector productivity increases)?
  • Are all of the organizations “transparent” to the taxpayer?

Areas of Investigation so far:

State mandated structures

  1. Non charter counties
  2. Charter counties
    1. Review of county organization structures
    2. Review of county charter ordinances

      eg Citizen review committee of charter every x years (generally 4-5)

Sheriff / Fire/Rescue Department reporting structure

  1. In FL
  2. US Counties/municipalities

Transparency and Measurements

  1. Policies (PPM)
    1. What is covered and what isn’t
    2. Required measurements?
  2. Transparency of results
    1. Benchmarking and results
    2. Productivity improvement over time?
    3. Productivity vs non-farm private sector


  • Short Term: Recommend Policy changes to enhance transparency and monitor effectiveness
  • Long Term: Analyze and recommend charter ordinances and amendments to fulfill the taxpayers’ expectations