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PBC Taxpayer Action Board Update

TAB Members,

Consider this a call to action.

On Monday, July 11 at 9:30am, the county commission will convene for a budget workshop where the maximum millage will be set.

Although the Sun-Sentinel and other media outlets have reported that most of the budget cuts with vocal constituencies have already been restored, we can expect some participation by those on the "receiving" end of the county tax dollars.

Those of us on the "Giving" end must be heard as well, so we are asking you to come to the budget hearing and ask the commissioners not to raise our tax rates yet again.

TAB has sent the commissioners an email that describes our 4 point proposal:

  1. Maintain the county-wide millage at 4.75
  2. Take the majority of cuts from PBSO, not the county departments
  3. Take action to reduce the inventory of county property and reduce the debt
  4. Utilize undesignated reserves to fill a one-time budget hole.

Please use your own words when you speak at the meeting or send emails to the commission, but please reference the "TAB Proposal" and the 4 points so they know we are all speaking with one voice. For some suggestions for the meeting, see July Talking Points

For some background data and a current budget status, see: County Budget Update – July 8

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Fred Scheibl
Taxpayer Action Board

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