September Talking Points

The TAB Proposal

  1. Maintain the county-wide millage at 4.75
    The 25% increase in the last two years is enough!
  2. Take the majority of cuts from PBSO, not the county departments
    PBSO is now 58% of the ad-valorem budget, up from 46% in 2003. The county staff has made cuts, the Sheriff should too.
  3. Take action to reduce the inventory of county property and reduce the debt
    Florida TaxWatch estimates that selling 25% of the property considered vacant or unused would realize $52M in proceeds and generate $217K in recurring tax revenue.
  4. Cover any remaining shortfall from current fund balances (reserves) which are excessive compared to peer counties.
    TaxWatch also found that our reserves are twice what peer counties are holding and reducing them to 40% of expenditures would make $188M available to fund current spending.

Talking points for an email or when speaking to the County Commission on Tuesday, September 13, 6:00pm meeting:

Make sure you give your name, city, say that you belong to XXXXX, a coalition partner of TAB (eg southflorida912, teaparty, Republican Club, organization, city, etc). Say that you support the four above points of the TAB proposal. And personalize your statement.

Whether in an email or at the Commission Meeting – talk about the impact the economy, inflation and tax rate increases have had on you over the last 3 years. Talk about how you’ve had to manage your own finances. Point out that ‘pennies a day’ as Commissioner Aaronson is fond of saying – are your pennies, etc. Say that in a national survey (, Palm Beach County is currently in the top 8% for the tax on the median household. Use your own words and speak with passion. Those asking for money will be passionate and organized. Be righteous – you are, and are representing The Tax Payer!

Be sure to check the TAB website for the most current information.

Other tips:

  • If you can’t make the meeting, please send an email before Tuesday to the commissioners (this email will go to all commissioners and appropriate staff:
  • Arrive at around 5:30pm or well before 6:00pm. This meeting will be heavily attended and although they will have TV monitors and chairs in the lobbies, you may not be able to speak if you don’t get a seat in the meeting room.
  • Fill out a card and make sure that you check the box that says ‘I wish to speak’
  • You cannot submit a card on behalf of someone else or for someone who is not there.
  • Once public comment begins, you will not be able to submit a card.
  • Write out what you want to say and time it – have two versions – one that will fit in the allotted 3 minutes, and a shorter one that can fit in 2 minutes. If cut even further – then just state your name, organization and say that you support the TAB proposal.

Good Luck! This year we have a better chance of holding the line on the millage as only one commissioner has to change their mind.