Debt Policy. Objective: Transparency and Accountability. Precedent: Charlotte County Sec 2.2.J Text from Charlotte County: The county commission shall adopt and review annually, prior to April first of each year, a debt policy to guide the issuance and management of debt. The debt policy shall be integrated with other financial policies, operating and capital budgets. Adherence to a debt policy helps ensure that debt is issued and managed prudently in order to maintain a sound fiscal position and protect credit quality. Elements to be addressed in the debt policy shall include: (1)The purposes for which debt may be issued. (2)Legal debt limitations, or limitations established by policy (maximum amount of debt that should be outstanding at one time). (3)The types of debt permitted to be issued and criteria for issuance of various types of debt. (4)Structural features of debt (maturity, debt service structure). (5)Credit objectives. (6)Placement methods and procedures.