Public Sector Compensation – Some Perspective

With the conflict over public employee compensation raging in Wisconsin and likely to spread across the country, there are still misconceptions about how public employees are compensated (and how well), the role of unions in setting the levels of compensation, and the political aspects that typically are more significant than the economic aspects. We at TAB believe that setting equitable compensation for public employees is as important to budget... [Read More...]

TAB Study Referenced in Palm Beach Post Editorial

Our study of county pay and benefits ( Palm Beach County Pay and Benefits – How Much is Enough? ) was recently referenced in a Post editorial ( Rein in fire-rescue costs: Pay that was reasonable in better times no longer is ) regarding Fire/Rescue compensation. We came to the conclusion that the county should consider these elevated levels of compensation when they begin contract negotiations with the IAFF shortly. The Post agrees. It should... [Read More...]

Florida Cities, Counties Can’t Afford Promised Pensions

In a recently released study, the nonpartisan LeRoy Collins Institute at Florida State has concluded that many local governments throughout the state cannot afford the pension obligations they have promised to their employees. According to the Sally Kestin, in a Sun-Sentinel article today, municipal pensions account for more than half the payrolls in Miami, Pembroke Pines and Hollywood. Called a “time bomb” by the report, and a “catastrophe”... [Read More...]

Chris Christie on Public Sector Salaries

This man tells it like it is.  Read More →

FRS Pension Reform Options and their Possible Savings

The Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (oppaga) published a report a year ago, laying out options and their savings for reforming FRS. In light of possible legislative action in this area, it is a good primer on the system, its history, and how it could be changed. CLICK HERE for the report. Abstract The Florida Retirement System has evolved since its creation, which has increased state and local government costs. The... [Read More...]

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