Yet Another Taxing District?

Palm Beach County property owners are taxed in many ways.  We pay separate tax rates for our cities, for our schools, and for the county government.  We also pay for the county libraries, the Health Care District, the Children’s Services Council, and a variety of inlet and water management districts.  If we live in the unincorporated areas we pay separately for Fire/Rescue. Now there is a proposal to create yet another tax district –... [Read More...]

TAB Proposals for Charter Changes

Back in June, the County began public meetings about its ongoing Charter Review. The County Charter is its ‘constitution’ and describes Home Rule. There are 20 Home Rule or Charter Counties in Florida. Palm Beach County does not have a formalized Charter Review process, and this is the first comprehensive review to have taken place. The Charter and the county’s charter review website can be found here. While there are a few changes that... [Read More...]

District 7 Charter Review – July 29

Reduce Govt Overhead, Not Essential Services: BOC, Constitutional Officers and particularly the Sheriff

Editor’s note: This post was sent as an email to the County Commissioners and Constitutional Officers by Dale Gregory on June 13, 2011. PALM BEACH TAB PROPOSALS: I support in concept the proposals of the Palm Beach TAB advocated at the June 13, 2011 Budget Workshop. REDUCE GOVERNMENT OVERHEAD, NOT ESSENTIAL SERVICES I am appalled at the County Administrator’s appeal to emotion by proposing to increase Palm Tran rates, reduce life... [Read More...]

Legislative Update – 5/5/11

As the Legislature winds down the session, there has been much progress on the bills we have been tracking that relate to county budget issues. The following is a status: Pension Reform SB2100/HB1405 having emerged from conference on Friday May 6, has been sent to the governor. From the House bill, the plan adopts the 3% employee contribution and retirement eligibility of age 65 / 33 years for general class and age 60 / 30 years for special risk.... [Read More...]

Smart Cap – Good for the State, Good for the County

The Florida Legislature is moving forward on a constitutional amendment for the 2012 ballot to limit state spending to a “growth factor” tied to inflation and population growth. A previous attempt in 2009 had included county and municpal governments in its scope, but that has been omitted this time. We think it is still a good idea however, and could be implemented for Palm Beach County as a Charter Amendment. TAB plans to argue both... [Read More...]

Chris Christie on Public Sector Salaries

This man tells it like it is.  Read More →

TAB Legislative Wish-List – an Update

Since we published our “Legislative Wish List” last month, the outlook for the coming session has come into focus. Two of the 4 items appear to be off the table, while one of them – FRS reform, has been exceeded by the just announced proposal by Governor Scott. Here is an update. FRS Reform We support the county’s desire to require employee contributions to FRS, modify the fixed 3% COLA, reduce the DROP program, explore Defined... [Read More...]

Joint BCC / Legislative Delegation Workshop

This morning (1/28), the Palm Beach County Commission and staff met with 9 of the 18 members of the Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation. Present were Senators Lizbeth Benacquisto (R, FS27) and Maria Sachs (D, FS30), Representative (and delegation chair) Joseph Abruzzo (D, FH85), Steve Perman (D, FH78), Pat Rooney (R, FH83), Lori Berman (D, FH86), Mark Pafford (D, FH88), Jeff Clemens (D, FH89), and Irv Slosberg (D, FH90). After opening remarks... [Read More...]