TAB Discusses Partnership with Town of Palm Beach

Update: The Town of Palm Beach Council has decided that it would be inappropriate for the Town to become a TAB partner, but that it would be beneficial and satisfactory if the Budget Task Force did so in its own right. Councilman Richard Kleid, noting that the coalition included tea party groups, said “I don’t want to get in bed with people that I may not agree with on other matters.” Council members also said they were “… concerned about affiliating with a group that may endorse political candidates who may take positions on non-budget issues that the town could be at odds with …”

For the record, TAB does not intend to endorse or directly support candidates for public office, but other coalition partners may. That said, TAB is always on the lookout for like-minded individuals of any political party who would be willing to run for the commission seats that may be open in 2012 and we would encourage them to do so.

For description of the meeting, read William Kelly’s piece in the Palm Beach Daily News HERE

Earlier this year, the Town of Palm Beach established a County Budget Task Force, led by Mayor Jack McDonald, to study the county budget in detail, determine its impact on the town, and make recommendations to the Council regarding possible action. The Mayor and other members have spoken at the county budget hearings and opposed increasing the millage rate.

Since TAB is doing similar analysis and holds similar views of county spending, we were asked to make a presentation to the group on 10/25, and the possibilty of the task force (and possibly the town itself) becoming a TAB coalition partner was introduced. Discussion of the matter will continue at the upcoming 11/9 council meeting.

For background, see the article on the subject by William Kelly in the Palm Beach Daily News. (CLICK HERE).

As the FY2012 Budget discussions begin, TAB intends to reach out to like-minded groups concerned with excessive spending by the county, and propose similar partnerships. In general, TAB coalition partners:

  • Identify with TAB premise that county spending is excessive at current levels and should be reduced
  • Confine their non-partisan involvement to County Budget issues
  • Are Identified by organization logo on the TAB website banner
  • May join or leave coalition at any time
  • Have access to TAB research and resources
  • Provide representatives to participate in TAB activities and events
  • Participate in “calls to action” – speaking, writing to newspapers and commissioners, networking, generally supporting the TAB agenda

If you or your organization see benefit in becoming a TAB coalition partner, please contact us at info@pbctab.org


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