Will Aaronson and Marcus run again?

Since the Broward term limits charter amendment has been trashed, what will happen in Palm Beach? If Judge Carol-Lisa Philipp’s ruling stands on appeal to the Fourth District, it will be controlling on our county as well.

So what will our two (currently) term-limited commissioners do? Burt Aaronson has not closed the door on a primary run against Anne Gannon in District 5. Karen Marcus on the other hand is in “wait and see” mode.

Chances are, if either of these incumbents is legally able to run and chooses to do so, the “power of incumbency” will make it very hard for a challenger to compete against them.

Read all about it in George Bennett’s Post article HERE.


One Response to “Will Aaronson and Marcus run again?”
  1. During the arduous petiton-gathering effort we told Mary McCary and Warren Newell that “Eight is Enough” and had they listened and heeded our advice they wouldn’t be in jail. Now, Marcus and Aaronson will be stretching their luck if they defy the will of the people (over 70% voted to term limit them) and get another term. Their lobbyist supporters will put out big bucks to keep their “honest” commissioners –they define honest as a commissioners who once bought, stay bought. The army of volunteers who got the petitions signed and the contributors who funded it are ready to pounce on their campaigns should they get too greedy –again.

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