Proposed Palm Beach County Charter Review Process

At the Tuesday, January 25, 2011 BCC Workshop, at 11:15a.m., county administration will present their proposal for the Charter Review requested by the Commissioners a couple of months ago. 

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) directed staff, a couple of months ago, to come up with a proposal for a Charter Review.  Palm Beach County’s charter, while modified, has not previously undergone a formal review.  Many ‘home rule’ charter counties require a periodic review as part of their charter. 

Prior to 1968, Florida counties were administrative subdivisons of the state.  In 1968, the Florida Constitution authorized home rule charters, which allows modifications to be made to county charters via decisions by their elected Commissioners or via votes by its citizens in a general election.  (If one likens a county’s charter to its constitution, then think of the review like a ‘constitutional convention’).  Palm Beach County voted to became a home rule charter county in 1984.  Twenty of the state’s 67 counties have charters – comprising 75-85% of the population – but most have not modified their base organizations significantly. 

Palm Beach County’s charter can be found here.

The Charter Review proposal states that in many charter counties a citizen charter committee is typically appointed to prepare the suggested charter amendments.  Palm Beach County staff is proposing that an alternate approach be used instead.  Details of the proposal can be found here,  along with a timeline to get changes on the ballot in time for the 2012 November elections.

If you are interested in understanding the proposed process and hearing the BCC discussion and direction to staff, then please attend the workshop on Tuesday or watch on Channel 20.

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