Coalition Partner Defines Mission

The Town of Palm Beach County Budget Task Force, a TAB coalition partner, has adjusted its goals under new chairperson Mayor Gail Coniglio. Members Carla Cove, Erica Elliot, Bobbi Horwich, Bruce McAllister and Jere Zenko reached consensus on 4 areas of focus:

  • Continue working with TAB on county budget issues
  • Create position papers to disseminate to media and civic groups
  • Reach out to like-minded municipalities, particularly the coastal towns, to join in a common cause.
  • Establish a presence for the task force at county budget hearings and in meetings with commissioners and staff

TAB has been involved in discussions with the task force and Florida TaxWatch to define a TaxWatch study of county spending that will bring an independent perspective using their respected methodology to the table in time for the June workshops. As part of the work, TaxWatch would present their findings to the Board of County Commissioners, and promote it through their website and media contacts. TAB will work to firm up the proposal while members of the task force pursue the needed funding.

For a complete synopsis of the meeting, see the David Rogers article in the Palm Beach Daily News: Town’s county budget Task Force sets priorities, mulls Florida Tax Watch study

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